Bid Bonds

Are you a supplier tendering for a job which requires a Bid Bond from a reputable financial institution… [more]

Bid Bonds Bid Bonds

Performance Bonds

Performance Bond: How They Work? The Government and private sector require performance bonds and payment… [more]

Performance Bonds Performance Bonds

Invoice Discounting

This unique solution offers you financial backing against issued invoices, while you await payment.

Invoice Discounting Invoice Discounting

LPO Financing

LPO Financing We offer you financing against a local purchase order from any reputable organization… [more]

LPO Financing LPO Financing

Landlord Loans

Introduction to the Product Landlord Loans are taken against rental income. Eligible properties can… [more]

Landlord Loans Landlord Loans
Personal Loans

Personal Loans

By taking up an unsecured personal loan with us, we will not need you to provide any property or collateral to ‘secure’ or guarantee the loan.

  • Minimum loan amount is KES 100,000
  • Maximum loan amount is KES 4,000,000
  • Repayment period of up to 72 months
  • Certified copy of ID/ valid Passport for non – Kenyans
  • KRA PIN Certificate/ equivalent tax certificate for Diaspora clients .
  • Latest three (3) months pay slips (6 for commission staff)
  • Latest six (6) months bank statements (12 for commission staff)
  • Proof of residence document
  • Letter from employer (In NIC Bank format )
  • Check off letter (where applicable)
  • Current Contract Letter must be provided by Customers employed on contract, Commission income earners and expatriates.
  • Rental income should be channeled through NICB account & Original or certified true copy of tenancy agreement provide, supported by Deed of Rental Assignment upon loan approval.
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